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For Autodesk Revit users, in spanish

We dedicate this site to architects and engineers of spanish language that uses REVIT from Autodesk, Inc. in the production of their professional drawings. We publish here critical subjects or "Affairs" whose solution we have successfully found, or in a workaround way that has lead us to good results. We think, they will help many other users. Sometimes, these Affairs come without a solution and remain open for the exchange of experiences. The implementation of this site content will remain the risponsability of each user. This blog is complemented with an open forum in LinkedIn, the Users Group Revit-MBA, that actually has 2.150 registered users in permanent activity. The condition in this case is, of course, to have a LinkedIn registration, but you can easily create one using you Facebook account.


Ideas about architectures, places and landscapes, dreamed... but not made real

This is a site for architectures, places and landscapes that were conceived, dreamed and desired as real spaces, in real historical occasions and material possibilities. And, however, they were doomed to remain only in the region of the inmaterial and the Never Made. that is to say, just projects. But projects also are works and like them they do not die if they are known and incorporated into the space of other creative meditations.


Architecture, City, Art, Technic, Urban Life

A site created to promote oponion, discussion, reflection or plain conversation about Architecture, the City, the Landscape, the Technic, the Art, the professional or acedemical parctice... and the appetite for writing.