Practice and Experience

MONTEALEGRE BEACH ARQUITECTOS practice gives services in diferent modes:

  • Project Leader Office of Architecture and Engineering Specialties Projects (projects for public and private buildings where the formation, coordination and direction of a multidisciplinary team is required for the complete development of the design and later field suppervision).

  • Subcontracted Office (frequent practice mode in the Industrial and Mining areas joining the team of Engineering Offices).

  • Contractor's Technical Office (in EPC's, Goverment Concessionaries Contractors, or MOP's "Pagos Contra Recepción" Contracts, developing and detailing the designs of third parties or Reference Projects).

  •  Consultancy (acting as Owner Architect, Refery or Counterpart of other professional teams).

Multidiscipline, Control, Coordination

MONTEALEGRE BEACH ARQUITECTOS incorporates the assistance of complementary specialty firms in the different fields that acts in the complete study and specification of a project: Structural Engineering, Electrical, Lighting Technology,Data & Communications, Security, Safety, Sanitary, Gas and Fuel, Paving and Storm Water Drainage, garbage Disposal, Acoustics, etc. An important part of our management is the coordination of the different specialties, and we are prepared to form for our clients the most adequate team according to the specific project requirements and conditions.

The challenging complexity and short scheduling of actual projects makes indispensable the skills for team working. MONTEALEGRE BEACH ARQUITECTOS is used to multidisciplinary work and has efficiently implemented administration technics capable of breaking the typical linear development of a project, achieving coordinated parallel progress. 

Design is Technic, Technic is Design

Our office gives primordial importance to the technical quality of the architectural design, and considers that the esthetical value of work depends and derives of the right solution to a problem. Our achievements in this matter has been recognized (Obra Bicentenario, IAKS), the selection of many of our works in the exhibitions of Chilean Architectural Bienals or the Shanghai World Expo 2010, Landscaping congresses, etc. Equally, our works are frequently included in books and specialized publications or quoted in press articles related to architecture, construction, landscaping and design. The office partners has active involvement in gremial, acedemical or teaching activities.

In general, our project criteria considers that a work of architecture is not finished in the general solution, in the site layout or in the composition of esthetical or expressive volumes. Design continues down to the most secondary parts. That is why the concern for the constructive detail and finishings is a constant in our work. The technical efficiency achived in our solutions is provable in our buildings and in the satisfaction of our clients, that has lead to new assingments.

Quality + Risponsability + Experience = Professional Office

Our drawings, techincal specifications, finishing schedules, material takeoffs, CAPEX, OPEX quotations and other project deliverables are carefully finished, coordinated and complete. This is of the most importance for the success of construction and contract administration, providen solid base for scheduling activities, contractor budgeting and Clients budget administration. Cost control is part of our regular methodology of project developement, elaborating comparative quotations and trade-offs, given to our clients solid information for taking adequate and opportune decissions.

The design process is developed with methods of quality control that includes Procedure Manuals, Design Criterias, Revisión and Cross-cheked control, clash detection, between specialties and architecture, and between them. Also, the centralized data base for the project, standard collections are in constant and cummulative improvement, project after project.