Social Sustainability

Public Space and Social Participation = Social Sustainability

The accumulated experience in parallel to the discipline of Landscape Architecture, has been completed with other kind of projects related to public spaces. In this way, to the continuity of Urban Park projects, as Parque Cerrillos, Parque Andrée Jarlan and others, important projects of renovation and urban design has been developed.

In all these kind of projects, a methodic process was developed for the learning, engagement and inclusion into he design of the point of view of the User, his particular requirements and wishes. For the fisrt time in the Country, that method was applied. With it, it was possible to detect preferences, desires and even fears of the community of end-users, neighbors and most probable visitors in the case of the parks. Enquiries and workshops with the future users were developed, where they draw their visions, presented personal designs of their prefered environments, selected photos of possible examples and classified them according to their grade of acceptance. These workshops were a great opportunity to discuss ideas among them and with the architects.

Later, this method gave a gideline for the procedure of Citizen participation, drived officially by the Goverment in all of its actual projects.

he success and satisfaction of the users is proved in the information from the Maintenance contractos of the parks, that gives testimony about the good feelings, the careful and respectful behavior the users show in areas that they feel as own.